Deposit Schedule: Direct deposits will be entered on the Monday following the close of your registration (or the next business day if the bank will not process ACH on any given Monday) and should land in your account the following business day.

ACH Deposit Fee: The fee for receiving an ACH direct deposit on the Monday following the close of your registration is $2.00. Additional ACH deposits may be requested at anytime and will cost $10.

ACH Return Fee: In the event of an ACH return, we will contact the customer to correct the error and re-send the deposit. There is a $20 fee for any ACH deposit that is returned due to incorrect account information entered above.

Notification of Change Fee: In the event of a minor error with the account information provided (i.e. indicating it's a checking account when it is a savings account), your bank may allow the transaction to go through, but send Trackwrestling a 'Notification of Change' and charge us $4. In this situation, Trackwrestling will pass this fee on to you for entering incorrect information.