What is Trackwrestling Gold+?

Gold+ is a premium subscription service offered through the Trackwrestling online platform. It includes bundled access to a wide selection of Trackcast live streaming events, an extensive library of on-demand video content, and all the benefits of a Trackwrestling Gold membership. This includes various Gold membership perks such as text alerts to follow your favorite wrestlers on mobile, viewing multiple event brackets all at once, tracking specific wrestler results and statistics and much more.

How much does Trackwrestling Gold+ cost?

A Trackwrestling Gold+ subscription is priced at $129.99 for a 12-month subscription. 

Is every event featuring live streaming and on-demand video content on the Trackwrestling platform included in the Gold+ subscription?

No. The Trackwrestling Gold+ subscription includes all events to which Trackwrestling owns the video rights. This subscription does not include events that are owned and operated by independent parties through the Trackwrestling platform, at the event organizers discretion. We will relentlessly strive to add more events and greater value to the Gold+ subscription as we grow our business.

A current list of all Trackwrestling Gold+ subscription events can be found here.

How do I know an event is included with Gold+?

There are several ways to determine if an event is included with a Gold+ subscription:

  • Every Gold+ event will be marked with a Gold+ banner on the top-left corner of its event image within each menu it is displayed. 

  • Within each event portal, there will be Gold+ banners on the top-left corner of the “Watch Live” and “Archived Video” buttons under the “Video” tab.

  • On the subscription option purchase page for each event, there will be an option to purchase a Gold+ subscription in addition to the other pay-per-view or subscription options for an event. 

  • On the live streaming landing page for each event, there will be a visible “Gold+ Sign In” button under the “Choose how to watch” menu.

If you are unsure if an event is a Gold+ event, either reference the current list of Trackwrestling Gold+ events or reach out to Trackwrestling Customer Support.

How do I watch a Gold+ event?

To watch a Gold+ event simply sign in to your MyTrack account, navigate to the event you want to watch, click the “Watch Live” button under the “Video” tab, and start viewing. The login for your MyTrack account can be found in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You may also log in to your MyTrack account directly on the live streaming page of an event under the “Choose how to watch” menu.

How do I contact Trackwrestling customer support for help?

If you need assistance with anything Trackwrestling related, you may click the “Need Help?” button located on the right-hand side of your screen to open the Help Center menu. Further assistance can be found by clicking the “Contact Support” button within the Help Center menu.

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