The Trackwrestling ranking is based on how a wrestler has done in local, state, regional national, and national tournaments in the past 365 days. 

Tournament levels are averaged by how the wrestler finished in the bracket. Larger, tougher events are weighted heavier, but where the wrestler places in relation to the bracket size determine the rank value for the event.

  • For example, placing 4th in a bracket with 8 wrestlers is equal to placing 8th in a bracket with 16 wrestlers.

For those that don't place, the percentile is based on the number of wins. The percentile values are combined and weighted to give the final number for each category.

TW rankings are NOT impacted by a wrestler's record or significant wins. The rank value of the defeated opponents DOES NOT impact your TW rank value - the TW ranking is calculated only by how you place in the TW event. 

Stars indicate how a particular profile compares to all of the TW profiles in the system. If you hover over the stars you will see that comparison as a percentage value.

Rankings are re-calculated every 2-4 weeks. Rankings are done automatically and every profile is calculated using the same formula. To ensure accuracy, make sure the events are correct on the profile.