1. Go to Trackwrestling.com
  2. Click Events in the top left.
  3. Click Search Events.
  4. Enter search details and click Search.
  5. Click the name of the event.
  6. Select 'Viewer' as your role and click Enter Event.
  7. Click Hub in the top menu
  8. Click Video in the left menu
  9. Click the Watch Live button
  10. Choose how to watch:
    1. Gold+: Click the [GOLD+ SIGN IN] button and then enter your username and password
    2. Pay-Per-View or Season Pass: Click the [PAY-PER-VIEW SIGN IN] button and enter your passcode
    3. Need to buy:  Click Purchase and then choose a purchase option.  Click here to see how to purchase.
  11. Click the mat number drop down to switch which stream you want watch and then click play

Still having trouble?  Click here for common troubleshooting tips.

NOTE: Use just the city and state to search if you are having trouble finding the event.